Hello world! Stop in for a byte.

Looking for a “byte” of something to chew on? News, politics, gossip, rumors, or how about health and laughter bytes?

This is what we have planned for this blog…and when I say we, I’m counting on a few of my friends to help supply some humor and insight along the way. They don’t know it yet, but they have the goods to bring to the table of good bytes!

So, when you set a table…you usually have more than one dish to serve to your guests. We’ll serve up the red meat occasionally, but some don’t like vegetables all that much so we’ll include some chocolate brownies or cookie dough ice cream to make the table more interesting.  We get the picture, you want more than a steady diet of cabbage or beans. So do we.

Lest you think this is a food blog, which it decidedly is not, it will include a variety of subjects, some of which might include recipes, but the centerpiece will be news related, seasoned and peppered accordingly. 


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