Todays bite

All the uncertainty that surrounds each of us can throw us off balance, big time. Once we thought of finances in terms of our local banks or financial institutions, but thanks to the Internet, even the least knowledgeable of us,  know its a global affair with big players.  We see more than we want to see sometimes and it has an unsettling effect on our day to day lives.

Yes, sometimes we feel helpless and powerless as we watch the pendulum swing back and forth across the globe. The big players obviously know what is going on and what it means in the long term, but they don’t tell us much. Maybe it works better for them that way.

I came across a blog titled, New World Odor a while back, and that describes how some of us feel. If you’re familiar with NWO,  you’ll appreciate the humor in the blog title even more.

But I would rather have this unsettled sense than to bury my head in the sand and pretend the waves and currents won’t reach my door. I know they will. You know they will affect you too. How can they not?

How do you cope with it? I’ve always loved music, so I listen to the music when I want to shut out the rumblings of the globe.  I read, I draw. I write. I pray. These are the things that help keep my feet on the ground.


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